The Shadow of a Dream

LATIA RISING (another point of view)

a soldier's point of view

The account of WINSLOW:
“Im a fucking soldier.” A friend is made on the boat, Biyombo the paladin, due to mutual respect for each other’s abilities. The boat ride was boring. The dock had an injured man warning of cannibalistic hazards. Lyra decapitated three men. A monster was brought out for distraction. Went to local watering hole “Bad Mare” where a round of honey mead was bought for the tavernfolk. The barkeeper, Taraslos, wanted his attic cleared of bats. Biyombo declared that he would deal with the bats, Winslow to accompany. While in the attic, a werebat is discovered instead of a “bat problem” who then admits that we are to be the next meals consumed in the tavern. After several minutes of mortal combat, the soldier fell his foe, the paladin broke his leg after his flight of panic, and a small treasure cache was recovered. First aid was rendered by the soldier to the paladin. Prognosis: lame for two years and a split of 2,000 silver coins. The lame paladin was helped into the bar to have a seat at which time Winslow confronted the obviously shocked and guilty bartender for sending the two to their supposed certain death. Taraslos cowardly surprise attacks with a crossbow during the conversation. A battle ensues, where an unlikely ally helped put the foe down. The new ally was a previous acquaintance, a wizard named Aegis, that knew Winslow because they are both fleeing a common tyrant.



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