The Shadow of a Dream

Power Play

Wedding Bells

Had a massive post with more details but this site is dumb and gave me a bad gateway and erased it all. short and sweet:

Lyra wine and dines Winslow. She later proposes marriage and Winslow accepts.

Hex is explored: futhoq lair, garbug ruines, knights tomb, cave of evil, giant fortress
Hag released on the road to Abrovia.

About 3 weeks of town shit:
Cyneeige and George train to lvl 3
Nate makes contacts with thieves in Abrovia
Winslow gets to know his bride to be: 3rd wife of Wimberly (and half sister) – she hates him he’s evil. She has favor of gods of war and fate.
Aegis learns ophidian and looks for young children to “tutor”
Murder investigation: vampire on the prowl

Entourage south:
Billoko negotiations are fail
silver mine: kill 51 blood caps, find treasure, get wacked: Placeda foot removed

+1 spear sold for 1925
sword in question: is it a long sword? or is it a two handed sword? what other mystical properties does it have? who will swing this well crafted blade?


nexusphere jason_workman_77

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