The Shadow of a Dream

Smash and Grab operation

A little more complicated than that

Forbidden City:
5 entry/exits – front door tunnel, tree, rock path, danger vines, haunted tunnel
abundant food source – frogs
dangers – magic disease, giant spiders, monstrous creatures
grab the first treasure stores we find and get the fuck out
we got lost traversing the jungle on the way out so it took us 8 days
base camp was as we left it
two more days to make it home (log camp abandoned)
total haul – 47,180gp / 4 = 11,795 / 2 = 5,898
the wizards won the loot table rolls – 3 potions, 6 spell scrolls, 7 pages of selective reading, wand of pocket dimension

celebrations (party at the Bad Mare)
level up training (worst system known to man)
skill training (wizards need skillz)
weapon forged (masterwork bastard sword)
city influence (noble, military, bonus-blackmail)
fenced pasture 2,000 ft2 rear of inn
livestock purchase (37 chickens, 6 cows)
tower of the high wizard foundation laid across the way from inn
standing army additions (2 sergeants, 10 longbow men, 10 medium cavalry)
Winslow gold investment towards protégé (5,500gp)

party assets:
half-ownership Black Mare Inn (value 10,171)
3,000 ft rope
bit/bridle x3
iron spikes
4 lanterns
20 pints oil
100 torches
cow x6
chicken x37
draft horses x3
pony, trained by George

standing army: 220gp / month
SGT Rosmunda – 10 heavy footmen – plate mail
SGT Ferdinand – 10 light footmen – studded leather
SGT Somarlior – 10 longbow archers – padded
SGT Wulfric – 10 medium horsemen – chain mail

skill labor force: 42gp / month
carpenter x2
mason x2
tailor x2
leatherworker x2
pack handler x2
teamster x2


nexusphere jason_workman_77

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