The Shadow of a Dream

The Man in the Moon

hex exploration 101

a saunter trot to the north revealed:
a-buildings to the east (unexplored)
b-ruins to the west (unexplored)
c-camp in the middle (explored/abandoned):
1 – found some treasure (2,408 gp value)
2 – found some death (3 light footmen died to dopplegangers or beaverboy clan?) (no exp award for combat)
3 – clay sphere talked to us and gave directions to a scroll to summon him in a nearby cave
d-cave of ogerlarian (smash and grab):
1 – found some treasure (8,344 gp value) + book + magic boots + scroll
2 – found some combat (of which no exp was awarded)

3 players and 3 henchmen divvy treasure and exp and take two weeks to train a level.

Molly the rogue took on a wizardly henchman who learned the scroll of talking to men in moons.

A meeting with Lyra went well – she gave all rights to the silver mine to Captain Winslow as long as the lumber site is also secure.


nexusphere jason_workman_77

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