human fighter


red/sandy hair, short with short trimmed beard
green eyes
32 years old

bastard sword
morning star
translucent composite short bow /w no apparent string

banded mail
great helm

backpack /w supplies and treasure


soldier / veteran for 12 years and along the way collected some significant items including:
vestments of a long dead saint
stolen signet ring
pelt of a glyric that is still radiating faintly
12 signal flags
1 highly halucinagenic mushroom

He dislikes cheaters
He enjoys getting drunk

Came to the frontier lands with a paladin named Biyombo that he had mutual respect for, only to find out that he was a coward in the face of adversity.

He met an old acquaintance in the local tavern from the old world, a magician named Aegis, where we are fugitives from a common tyrant that I used to be hired muscle for.

Molly, a common thief, is an old acquaintance as well from serving in the same mercenary company some odd years back.


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