The Shadow of a Dream

Early Arrivals

The account of Ole One Eyed Jaegar:
Travelling by boat to the wild frontier with a sweet young lass named Molly who survived with me, an awful ordeal that resulted in the cannibalism of several people we knew.
Get off the boat on Latia Rising at a river front village, greeted by beggar and shipyard captain who tells us to go find Lyra, the authority around these parts. She personally executed three “dogheads”, which are rebel rousers. A crocodilian creature in stocks was brought out to be tortured for entertainment. These creatures have been attacking the logging expeditions to the south, there is a 50gp bounty for each one captured or killed. The work board was perused; an innkeeper wants his attic cleared of bats, mauraders are disrupting trade to the north, and a woman begs for the return of her child who fell into an old well. With no hesitation Jaeger and Molly find the well and descend only to find out the child is already dead by the hands of goblin-like creatures who swiftly sever Jaeger’s arm but are dispatched.



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