The Shadow of a Dream

Divide and Conquer
three pronged attack

some asshole and his 200 cavalry delivered notice of martial law set forth by Wymberly.
a secret meeting was called by Winslow. we decided to declare independence. aegis delivered the message.

stormy and aegis went to the white barony on a diplomatic mission. they are now prisoners. time will tell.

nappy nate took his talents to Abrovia to find allies / enemies of Wymberly.

winslow and the new white priest went to bargain with the billoko. in exchange for clearing out the new temple outpost of the rahaha, the billoko will provide troop support for Kovell. we met a psionicist and brought his ignorant ass along. We killed a bunch of mongrelmen and bugbear equivalents.

end of session.

Fetch the Orix, and We Do
Winter might be coming too

two weeks….of training:

Winslow level 5
Cyneiege level 4
Aegis level 5

The night dragon takes its last breath. Aegis lead the night’s watch on patrol and sure enough found what he was looking for and shot it out of the sky with a well timed fireball. Turns out the night dragon was the hag we liberated from the caves in the hex in betwixt the silver mine hex and Kovell. The corpse is further put to ash. The next day we set fire to the corpse pile at the south wall.

Tower of the Orix. This time we brought ladders, thanks fighter_with_no_name_02. Entered through the top, found the Orix room protected by a crypt thing and half-dozen protectors. After conversation failure, negotiations via fireball prevailed. Besides the amulet, a fortune in jewelry (58,300 gp value) was found and divided.

A little time off in town was warranted after such a haul. Aegis used the time to discover the secrets of the cursed amulet Orix. Some characters used the time to train:

Winslow level 6
Cyneiege level 5
Nappy Nate level 4
Unknown Fighter_02 level 2

The White Wyrm was pleased to have the Orix in hand (or tentacle) and the Billoko stay clear of our operations for lumber and silver. The temple has been built and a new school is under construction (the first roll successful).

The temple was built in honor of the white lady. A level 7 cleric of the white lady is the priest in charge. Her name is Hereward Agilulf, who arrived in town by way of barge in the company of other followers of the white lady. Winslow’s niece, Stormerica Rosesorrow, arrived with the group of priests. She came to thank uncle Winslow for his commitment to fund her training. He informs his companions that he is taking a step back from the exploration life of adventure and wants to concentrate on handling affairs in Kovell. After introductions, it is clear that his absence will not be entirely missed since Stormy has similar interests and prowess to offer, as well as a hunger for exploring the unknown countryside this side of the realm.

Exploration of the hexes east of Kovell is under way when a flock of pegasi are encountered, leading to the magical moment that a bull meets his master, the virgin paladin of appropriate level, skill, and desire for a bond that will last the ages. Pure joy ensues as Stormy and Glory ride the heavens on a scouting mission before returning for more serious times.


Welcome to the game, unknown fighter_02
blah blah blah, getting our ass kicked by undead

told Lyra to remove the 50gp bounty on clapjaw / billoko. she does what she is told.

decided to claim silver mine: sent nappy nate to abrovia to hire some skilled miners, hired miners and engineer and laborers from Koval. left them and mercenary company to live in the mine until we secure rights.

found a lair, got some gems.

billoko management meets us at mine. lets us know they been thwarting yaunti attacks from the white jungle. an evil has been disturbed and seeks destruction.

white wurm: seems like a powerful 4 mouth monster, put us on the quest for frog amulet after a 10kgp gem offering wasn’t enough to secure silver mine rights.

found a lair, retreated from flying dogs.

scouted the tower of foggy spectres, ran for our lives.

end of session.

Players Wanted
cancel cancel

Last week session was cancelled.

This week session was a full go, yet should have been cancelled.

Evil Tower remains

abandoned walled town:
cleared the jackal-were threat
freed 6 halflings
freed 5 foreigner human merchants (later escorted to Kovell)
Winslow got warts from a magic toad
+5591gp worth of treasures + mace + crossbow +ring of snake singing
left a garrison of 2 sergeants +10 longbowmen + 10 heavy footmen

tower of evil:
cleared 3 gnolls and 7 poopmen, ran from 4 mutant boars and evil alchemist

back to Kovell to lick wounds for a week or so while Nate checks Abrovia for magic item rumors:

3 expensive scrolls (1, 4, 6, 7, 8) (1, 3, 5, 7, 8) (of the sea)
7 potions
3 rods 55k, 20k, 20k (exped transport, elemental fire, lordly might)
+1 bastard sword 2,500
mask of jealousy 1,000
orb of the dragon 9,000

Power Play
Wedding Bells

Had a massive post with more details but this site is dumb and gave me a bad gateway and erased it all. short and sweet:

Lyra wine and dines Winslow. She later proposes marriage and Winslow accepts.

Hex is explored: futhoq lair, garbug ruines, knights tomb, cave of evil, giant fortress
Hag released on the road to Abrovia.

About 3 weeks of town shit:
Cyneeige and George train to lvl 3
Nate makes contacts with thieves in Abrovia
Winslow gets to know his bride to be: 3rd wife of Wimberly (and half sister) – she hates him he’s evil. She has favor of gods of war and fate.
Aegis learns ophidian and looks for young children to “tutor”
Murder investigation: vampire on the prowl

Entourage south:
Billoko negotiations are fail
silver mine: kill 51 blood caps, find treasure, get wacked: Placeda foot removed

+1 spear sold for 1925
sword in question: is it a long sword? or is it a two handed sword? what other mystical properties does it have? who will swing this well crafted blade?

The Man in the Moon
hex exploration 101

a saunter trot to the north revealed:
a-buildings to the east (unexplored)
b-ruins to the west (unexplored)
c-camp in the middle (explored/abandoned):
1 – found some treasure (2,408 gp value)
2 – found some death (3 light footmen died to dopplegangers or beaverboy clan?) (no exp award for combat)
3 – clay sphere talked to us and gave directions to a scroll to summon him in a nearby cave
d-cave of ogerlarian (smash and grab):
1 – found some treasure (8,344 gp value) + book + magic boots + scroll
2 – found some combat (of which no exp was awarded)

3 players and 3 henchmen divvy treasure and exp and take two weeks to train a level.

Molly the rogue took on a wizardly henchman who learned the scroll of talking to men in moons.

A meeting with Lyra went well – she gave all rights to the silver mine to Captain Winslow as long as the lumber site is also secure.

Smash and Grab operation
A little more complicated than that

Forbidden City:
5 entry/exits – front door tunnel, tree, rock path, danger vines, haunted tunnel
abundant food source – frogs
dangers – magic disease, giant spiders, monstrous creatures
grab the first treasure stores we find and get the fuck out
we got lost traversing the jungle on the way out so it took us 8 days
base camp was as we left it
two more days to make it home (log camp abandoned)
total haul – 47,180gp / 4 = 11,795 / 2 = 5,898
the wizards won the loot table rolls – 3 potions, 6 spell scrolls, 7 pages of selective reading, wand of pocket dimension

celebrations (party at the Bad Mare)
level up training (worst system known to man)
skill training (wizards need skillz)
weapon forged (masterwork bastard sword)
city influence (noble, military, bonus-blackmail)
fenced pasture 2,000 ft2 rear of inn
livestock purchase (37 chickens, 6 cows)
tower of the high wizard foundation laid across the way from inn
standing army additions (2 sergeants, 10 longbow men, 10 medium cavalry)
Winslow gold investment towards protégé (5,500gp)

party assets:
half-ownership Black Mare Inn (value 10,171)
3,000 ft rope
bit/bridle x3
iron spikes
4 lanterns
20 pints oil
100 torches
cow x6
chicken x37
draft horses x3
pony, trained by George

standing army: 220gp / month
SGT Rosmunda – 10 heavy footmen – plate mail
SGT Ferdinand – 10 light footmen – studded leather
SGT Somarlior – 10 longbow archers – padded
SGT Wulfric – 10 medium horsemen – chain mail

skill labor force: 42gp / month
carpenter x2
mason x2
tailor x2
leatherworker x2
pack handler x2
teamster x2

Need Players
Not Flakers

more time wasted waiting around for no shows

Expected Casualties
seventeen minus six equals eleven


base camp assets:
Sergeant Rosmunda
9 heavy footmen
2 carpenters
2 masons
2 tailors
2 leatherworkers
2 pack handlers
2 teamsters

1 pony
3 draft horses
1 wagon
2 days rations
2 weeks iron rations
3 weeks horse grain
2 lanterns
10 pints oil
50 torches
1000’ rope
iron spikes and hammers

base camp orders:
1. security/fortification
2. forage/hunt the area
3. trade skill work

expedition assets:
Nappy Nate
Sergeant Ferdinand
Cyneesige Hroderick
4 light footmen (remaining, 6 dead due to biting, falling, crushing incidents)

89 days iron rations (remaining at time of arrival to city)
2000’ rope
iron spikes and hammers
2 lanterns
10 pints oil
50 torches
treasure accumulation – 7 jade chunks base price 100gp

orders: win or die trying



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