The Shadow of a Dream

Early Arrivals

The account of Ole One Eyed Jaegar:
Travelling by boat to the wild frontier with a sweet young lass named Molly who survived with me, an awful ordeal that resulted in the cannibalism of several people we knew.
Get off the boat on Latia Rising at a river front village, greeted by beggar and shipyard captain who tells us to go find Lyra, the authority around these parts. She personally executed three “dogheads”, which are rebel rousers. A crocodilian creature in stocks was brought out to be tortured for entertainment. These creatures have been attacking the logging expeditions to the south, there is a 50gp bounty for each one captured or killed. The work board was perused; an innkeeper wants his attic cleared of bats, mauraders are disrupting trade to the north, and a woman begs for the return of her child who fell into an old well. With no hesitation Jaeger and Molly find the well and descend only to find out the child is already dead by the hands of goblin-like creatures who swiftly sever Jaeger’s arm but are dispatched.


LATIA RISING (another point of view)
a soldier's point of view

The account of WINSLOW:
“Im a fucking soldier.” A friend is made on the boat, Biyombo the paladin, due to mutual respect for each other’s abilities. The boat ride was boring. The dock had an injured man warning of cannibalistic hazards. Lyra decapitated three men. A monster was brought out for distraction. Went to local watering hole “Bad Mare” where a round of honey mead was bought for the tavernfolk. The barkeeper, Taraslos, wanted his attic cleared of bats. Biyombo declared that he would deal with the bats, Winslow to accompany. While in the attic, a werebat is discovered instead of a “bat problem” who then admits that we are to be the next meals consumed in the tavern. After several minutes of mortal combat, the soldier fell his foe, the paladin broke his leg after his flight of panic, and a small treasure cache was recovered. First aid was rendered by the soldier to the paladin. Prognosis: lame for two years and a split of 2,000 silver coins. The lame paladin was helped into the bar to have a seat at which time Winslow confronted the obviously shocked and guilty bartender for sending the two to their supposed certain death. Taraslos cowardly surprise attacks with a crossbow during the conversation. A battle ensues, where an unlikely ally helped put the foe down. The new ally was a previous acquaintance, a wizard named Aegis, that knew Winslow because they are both fleeing a common tyrant.


Lyra strikes a bargain

Rumble at the Bad Mare resolutions:

1. bartender dead
2. werebat nailed to wall
3. party members each have a room
4. in the morning, Lyra jumps Winslow’s beaten bones and offers a partnership. the details are she takes 50% of monthly profits and we don’t display anymore werebats.
5. a loyal, cripple paladin (Biyombo) finds a new job tending bar for the Black Mare
6. a wizardly chap (Aegis) has been retained as high council
7. Hroderich Avila is staying at the inn to purchase monsters to fight in the Abrovia arenas
8. a group of “troublemakers” from Abrovia are staying in the large barracks room

A week passes for wound recovery, the purchase of ten men, and rumor gathering.

The bold adventures of Winslow, Aegis, and ten men:

1. travel to lumber camp to see a mutiny on the brink. Aegis claims he will slay the white wyrm to calm the rabble. thank goodness I am in the company of a wizard capable of slaying dragons.
2. exploration of the south reveals a fallen tower with snap jaw (Billoko as the monks call them) guards. after a rivoting conversation we retreat north and go east.
3. …only to find a hoard of 120 bloodhat gobos that chase us around until we lose them.
4. a large horny demon (Futhoq are nocturnal hunters) is cut down in a single critical blow by the veteran soldier’s trusty bastard sword.
5. in the distant east a large monastery is located. it houses lawful neutral monks seeking to preserve knowledge. a bargain is struck with the cardinal for the exchange of knowledge – Aegis trades spells, Winslow trades for sage advice. This takes 5 days.
6. an abandoned silver mine south of the lumber camp is explored for a minute. bloodhat goblins slay our ten men and we retreat to the lumber camp and then finally to the village.


Two weeks and 6,000gp later, the soldier and his council achieve level 2.

Disposable Heroes
Death by Ghouls

The palisade is almost complete around the town. Nine bezerkers partied hard at my inn one night. They wrought destruction which displeased the fucking soldier. His retribution? He hired them for one month of service for 18 gold coins. George, a young green wizard, has arrived with news that a mutual acquaintance of ours, Nappy Nate, has been imprisoned. It was time to take a trip up to Abrovia and see what all the fuss was about.

The trip took 3 days, by which the following occurred:

1. stayed at an inn at each of three hamlets on the way, gathering rumors (xerxes found city of gold, a hamlet has been having livestock and now people go missing, ect).
2. sometimes when you investigate lean-to’s, you have to leave 7 of 9 of your bezerker allies to be eaten alive by paralytic ghouls and later on pass on the information so that a group of crazy elf knights on battlecats can go exact swift vengeance.
3. a black sock pony was found grazing roadside; George tamed the wild pony and uses it as a mount since he is somewhat diminutive.
4. signs of grazing flying horses are also a possibility.


The Grand Extortionist City: taxes, fines, bail. blah blah blah. Our friend is free. Five days in town doing various things basing our operations out of the Sage & Cauldron Inn. Notable items for sale (nothing purchased):

ring mail +1 (silent, easy to remove, base 2.5k)
skull steel mace +1 (base 3k)
ring of shooting stars (base 15k)
protection scrolls vs demons x1, devils x2 (base 10k each)

We found xerxes, who hired us out to lead an expedition to the lost city of gold just east of Kovall. He seems mad, of course he’s an elf and our guide. We took the funds and sponsored a caravan. Time to head to the monastery so that George can trade for useful spells.

3 day trip, mostly uneventful. discovered a pond that we straight up passed by and a trapdoor to hell we avoided. Nate and George traded with the archbishop and stayed in the city for 5 days. Meanwhile a Futhoq snatched the arm off one of our caravan guards.

As it stands on Florian Falling the 10th:

Winslow – fuckin soldier
Aegis – fuckin wizard
George – fuckin wizard
Nappy Nate – henchman of the fuckin soldier
Cynesige Hroderich – field medic
Rosmunda Sigihild – sergeant of heavy footmen
Ferdinand Fofenheffer – sergeant of light footmen

heavy footmen x9
light footmen x10
teamster x2
pack handler x2
leather worker x2
tailor x2
mason x2
carpenter x2

pony x1
draft horse x3
wagon x1

bulk supplies:
rations (30×1week)
iron rations (30×2weeks)
horsemeal grain (4×3weeks)
rope 3000 ft
lots of iron spikes and hammers
4 lanterns
20 pints of oil
100 torches

no action

three no-shows

Expected Casualties
seventeen minus six equals eleven


base camp assets:
Sergeant Rosmunda
9 heavy footmen
2 carpenters
2 masons
2 tailors
2 leatherworkers
2 pack handlers
2 teamsters

1 pony
3 draft horses
1 wagon
2 days rations
2 weeks iron rations
3 weeks horse grain
2 lanterns
10 pints oil
50 torches
1000’ rope
iron spikes and hammers

base camp orders:
1. security/fortification
2. forage/hunt the area
3. trade skill work

expedition assets:
Nappy Nate
Sergeant Ferdinand
Cyneesige Hroderick
4 light footmen (remaining, 6 dead due to biting, falling, crushing incidents)

89 days iron rations (remaining at time of arrival to city)
2000’ rope
iron spikes and hammers
2 lanterns
10 pints oil
50 torches
treasure accumulation – 7 jade chunks base price 100gp

orders: win or die trying


Need Players
Not Flakers

more time wasted waiting around for no shows

Smash and Grab operation
A little more complicated than that

Forbidden City:
5 entry/exits – front door tunnel, tree, rock path, danger vines, haunted tunnel
abundant food source – frogs
dangers – magic disease, giant spiders, monstrous creatures
grab the first treasure stores we find and get the fuck out
we got lost traversing the jungle on the way out so it took us 8 days
base camp was as we left it
two more days to make it home (log camp abandoned)
total haul – 47,180gp / 4 = 11,795 / 2 = 5,898
the wizards won the loot table rolls – 3 potions, 6 spell scrolls, 7 pages of selective reading, wand of pocket dimension

celebrations (party at the Bad Mare)
level up training (worst system known to man)
skill training (wizards need skillz)
weapon forged (masterwork bastard sword)
city influence (noble, military, bonus-blackmail)
fenced pasture 2,000 ft2 rear of inn
livestock purchase (37 chickens, 6 cows)
tower of the high wizard foundation laid across the way from inn
standing army additions (2 sergeants, 10 longbow men, 10 medium cavalry)
Winslow gold investment towards protégé (5,500gp)

party assets:
half-ownership Black Mare Inn (value 10,171)
3,000 ft rope
bit/bridle x3
iron spikes
4 lanterns
20 pints oil
100 torches
cow x6
chicken x37
draft horses x3
pony, trained by George

standing army: 220gp / month
SGT Rosmunda – 10 heavy footmen – plate mail
SGT Ferdinand – 10 light footmen – studded leather
SGT Somarlior – 10 longbow archers – padded
SGT Wulfric – 10 medium horsemen – chain mail

skill labor force: 42gp / month
carpenter x2
mason x2
tailor x2
leatherworker x2
pack handler x2
teamster x2

The Man in the Moon
hex exploration 101

a saunter trot to the north revealed:
a-buildings to the east (unexplored)
b-ruins to the west (unexplored)
c-camp in the middle (explored/abandoned):
1 – found some treasure (2,408 gp value)
2 – found some death (3 light footmen died to dopplegangers or beaverboy clan?) (no exp award for combat)
3 – clay sphere talked to us and gave directions to a scroll to summon him in a nearby cave
d-cave of ogerlarian (smash and grab):
1 – found some treasure (8,344 gp value) + book + magic boots + scroll
2 – found some combat (of which no exp was awarded)

3 players and 3 henchmen divvy treasure and exp and take two weeks to train a level.

Molly the rogue took on a wizardly henchman who learned the scroll of talking to men in moons.

A meeting with Lyra went well – she gave all rights to the silver mine to Captain Winslow as long as the lumber site is also secure.

Power Play
Wedding Bells

Had a massive post with more details but this site is dumb and gave me a bad gateway and erased it all. short and sweet:

Lyra wine and dines Winslow. She later proposes marriage and Winslow accepts.

Hex is explored: futhoq lair, garbug ruines, knights tomb, cave of evil, giant fortress
Hag released on the road to Abrovia.

About 3 weeks of town shit:
Cyneeige and George train to lvl 3
Nate makes contacts with thieves in Abrovia
Winslow gets to know his bride to be: 3rd wife of Wimberly (and half sister) – she hates him he’s evil. She has favor of gods of war and fate.
Aegis learns ophidian and looks for young children to “tutor”
Murder investigation: vampire on the prowl

Entourage south:
Billoko negotiations are fail
silver mine: kill 51 blood caps, find treasure, get wacked: Placeda foot removed

+1 spear sold for 1925
sword in question: is it a long sword? or is it a two handed sword? what other mystical properties does it have? who will swing this well crafted blade?


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