The Shadow of a Dream

Disposable Heroes

Death by Ghouls

The palisade is almost complete around the town. Nine bezerkers partied hard at my inn one night. They wrought destruction which displeased the fucking soldier. His retribution? He hired them for one month of service for 18 gold coins. George, a young green wizard, has arrived with news that a mutual acquaintance of ours, Nappy Nate, has been imprisoned. It was time to take a trip up to Abrovia and see what all the fuss was about.

The trip took 3 days, by which the following occurred:

1. stayed at an inn at each of three hamlets on the way, gathering rumors (xerxes found city of gold, a hamlet has been having livestock and now people go missing, ect).
2. sometimes when you investigate lean-to’s, you have to leave 7 of 9 of your bezerker allies to be eaten alive by paralytic ghouls and later on pass on the information so that a group of crazy elf knights on battlecats can go exact swift vengeance.
3. a black sock pony was found grazing roadside; George tamed the wild pony and uses it as a mount since he is somewhat diminutive.
4. signs of grazing flying horses are also a possibility.


The Grand Extortionist City: taxes, fines, bail. blah blah blah. Our friend is free. Five days in town doing various things basing our operations out of the Sage & Cauldron Inn. Notable items for sale (nothing purchased):

ring mail +1 (silent, easy to remove, base 2.5k)
skull steel mace +1 (base 3k)
ring of shooting stars (base 15k)
protection scrolls vs demons x1, devils x2 (base 10k each)

We found xerxes, who hired us out to lead an expedition to the lost city of gold just east of Kovall. He seems mad, of course he’s an elf and our guide. We took the funds and sponsored a caravan. Time to head to the monastery so that George can trade for useful spells.

3 day trip, mostly uneventful. discovered a pond that we straight up passed by and a trapdoor to hell we avoided. Nate and George traded with the archbishop and stayed in the city for 5 days. Meanwhile a Futhoq snatched the arm off one of our caravan guards.

As it stands on Florian Falling the 10th:

Winslow – fuckin soldier
Aegis – fuckin wizard
George – fuckin wizard
Nappy Nate – henchman of the fuckin soldier
Cynesige Hroderich – field medic
Rosmunda Sigihild – sergeant of heavy footmen
Ferdinand Fofenheffer – sergeant of light footmen

heavy footmen x9
light footmen x10
teamster x2
pack handler x2
leather worker x2
tailor x2
mason x2
carpenter x2

pony x1
draft horse x3
wagon x1

bulk supplies:
rations (30×1week)
iron rations (30×2weeks)
horsemeal grain (4×3weeks)
rope 3000 ft
lots of iron spikes and hammers
4 lanterns
20 pints of oil
100 torches


nexusphere jason_workman_77

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