The Shadow of a Dream


Lyra strikes a bargain

Rumble at the Bad Mare resolutions:

1. bartender dead
2. werebat nailed to wall
3. party members each have a room
4. in the morning, Lyra jumps Winslow’s beaten bones and offers a partnership. the details are she takes 50% of monthly profits and we don’t display anymore werebats.
5. a loyal, cripple paladin (Biyombo) finds a new job tending bar for the Black Mare
6. a wizardly chap (Aegis) has been retained as high council
7. Hroderich Avila is staying at the inn to purchase monsters to fight in the Abrovia arenas
8. a group of “troublemakers” from Abrovia are staying in the large barracks room

A week passes for wound recovery, the purchase of ten men, and rumor gathering.

The bold adventures of Winslow, Aegis, and ten men:

1. travel to lumber camp to see a mutiny on the brink. Aegis claims he will slay the white wyrm to calm the rabble. thank goodness I am in the company of a wizard capable of slaying dragons.
2. exploration of the south reveals a fallen tower with snap jaw (Billoko as the monks call them) guards. after a rivoting conversation we retreat north and go east.
3. …only to find a hoard of 120 bloodhat gobos that chase us around until we lose them.
4. a large horny demon (Futhoq are nocturnal hunters) is cut down in a single critical blow by the veteran soldier’s trusty bastard sword.
5. in the distant east a large monastery is located. it houses lawful neutral monks seeking to preserve knowledge. a bargain is struck with the cardinal for the exchange of knowledge – Aegis trades spells, Winslow trades for sage advice. This takes 5 days.
6. an abandoned silver mine south of the lumber camp is explored for a minute. bloodhat goblins slay our ten men and we retreat to the lumber camp and then finally to the village.


Two weeks and 6,000gp later, the soldier and his council achieve level 2.


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