The Shadow of a Dream

Divide and Conquer

three pronged attack

some asshole and his 200 cavalry delivered notice of martial law set forth by Wymberly.
a secret meeting was called by Winslow. we decided to declare independence. aegis delivered the message.

stormy and aegis went to the white barony on a diplomatic mission. they are now prisoners. time will tell.

nappy nate took his talents to Abrovia to find allies / enemies of Wymberly.

winslow and the new white priest went to bargain with the billoko. in exchange for clearing out the new temple outpost of the rahaha, the billoko will provide troop support for Kovell. we met a psionicist and brought his ignorant ass along. We killed a bunch of mongrelmen and bugbear equivalents.

end of session.


nexusphere jason_workman_77

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