The Shadow of a Dream

Expected Casualties

seventeen minus six equals eleven


base camp assets:
Sergeant Rosmunda
9 heavy footmen
2 carpenters
2 masons
2 tailors
2 leatherworkers
2 pack handlers
2 teamsters

1 pony
3 draft horses
1 wagon
2 days rations
2 weeks iron rations
3 weeks horse grain
2 lanterns
10 pints oil
50 torches
1000’ rope
iron spikes and hammers

base camp orders:
1. security/fortification
2. forage/hunt the area
3. trade skill work

expedition assets:
Nappy Nate
Sergeant Ferdinand
Cyneesige Hroderick
4 light footmen (remaining, 6 dead due to biting, falling, crushing incidents)

89 days iron rations (remaining at time of arrival to city)
2000’ rope
iron spikes and hammers
2 lanterns
10 pints oil
50 torches
treasure accumulation – 7 jade chunks base price 100gp

orders: win or die trying



nexusphere jason_workman_77

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