The Shadow of a Dream

Fetch the Orix, and We Do

Winter might be coming too

two weeks….of training:

Winslow level 5
Cyneiege level 4
Aegis level 5

The night dragon takes its last breath. Aegis lead the night’s watch on patrol and sure enough found what he was looking for and shot it out of the sky with a well timed fireball. Turns out the night dragon was the hag we liberated from the caves in the hex in betwixt the silver mine hex and Kovell. The corpse is further put to ash. The next day we set fire to the corpse pile at the south wall.

Tower of the Orix. This time we brought ladders, thanks fighter_with_no_name_02. Entered through the top, found the Orix room protected by a crypt thing and half-dozen protectors. After conversation failure, negotiations via fireball prevailed. Besides the amulet, a fortune in jewelry (58,300 gp value) was found and divided.

A little time off in town was warranted after such a haul. Aegis used the time to discover the secrets of the cursed amulet Orix. Some characters used the time to train:

Winslow level 6
Cyneiege level 5
Nappy Nate level 4
Unknown Fighter_02 level 2

The White Wyrm was pleased to have the Orix in hand (or tentacle) and the Billoko stay clear of our operations for lumber and silver. The temple has been built and a new school is under construction (the first roll successful).

The temple was built in honor of the white lady. A level 7 cleric of the white lady is the priest in charge. Her name is Hereward Agilulf, who arrived in town by way of barge in the company of other followers of the white lady. Winslow’s niece, Stormerica Rosesorrow, arrived with the group of priests. She came to thank uncle Winslow for his commitment to fund her training. He informs his companions that he is taking a step back from the exploration life of adventure and wants to concentrate on handling affairs in Kovell. After introductions, it is clear that his absence will not be entirely missed since Stormy has similar interests and prowess to offer, as well as a hunger for exploring the unknown countryside this side of the realm.

Exploration of the hexes east of Kovell is under way when a flock of pegasi are encountered, leading to the magical moment that a bull meets his master, the virgin paladin of appropriate level, skill, and desire for a bond that will last the ages. Pure joy ensues as Stormy and Glory ride the heavens on a scouting mission before returning for more serious times.



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