The Shadow of a Dream

Welcome to the game, unknown fighter_02

blah blah blah, getting our ass kicked by undead

told Lyra to remove the 50gp bounty on clapjaw / billoko. she does what she is told.

decided to claim silver mine: sent nappy nate to abrovia to hire some skilled miners, hired miners and engineer and laborers from Koval. left them and mercenary company to live in the mine until we secure rights.

found a lair, got some gems.

billoko management meets us at mine. lets us know they been thwarting yaunti attacks from the white jungle. an evil has been disturbed and seeks destruction.

white wurm: seems like a powerful 4 mouth monster, put us on the quest for frog amulet after a 10kgp gem offering wasn’t enough to secure silver mine rights.

found a lair, retreated from flying dogs.

scouted the tower of foggy spectres, ran for our lives.

end of session.


nexusphere jason_workman_77

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