There are a variety of activities that can take place in centers of civilization.

  • In a large, unfamiliar city (10,000+), you must Navigate it using the Survival (Urban) skill.
  • If you have a large amount of goods or a particularly valuable item (such as a gem or magic item) to sell, you must Locate a Buyer for the item.
  • Once you locate a valuable item you wish to buy or sell, you must Haggle over the price.
    City Procedures II

You can spend gold in urban centers in order to transmute it into experience. You do this by Adorning your character with valuable goods, Carousing around town, engaged in one of the following activities: Philanthropy, Drinking/Orgies, Study/Research, or Gourmandising, or you can Sacrifice gold or creatures to dark gods for either experience or magical power. City Procedures III

You can acquire Rumors in city, use gold to prepare a Protege in the event of an untimely demise, or acquire Henchmen, Hirelings, Retainers, Mercenaries, Sidekicks, Pets, and Followers. City Procedures IV

You can Train a skill or proficiency, you can Create Magic or Alchemical Items, You can Learn Special Talents if you know someone who can teach you, you can Work and earn money, or Craft items that you might need, or even engage in some self-improvement and Raise your Statistics, or you can even track down some Quests that someone wants taken care of.City Procedures V

There are also class focused activities you can engage in, such as Arena or Pit Fights, Training Henchmen, taking on a contract for Assassination, Stealing valuable objects, engaging in Racketeering, Researching spells and Discovering new spells, and acquiring Followers who provide you with a certain number of gold pieces per month in magical power. City Procedures VI

Finally, if you need to know the answer to any query, you can find a very specific answer by retaining a Sage. City Procedures VII


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