House Rules

Short Heads up on house rules. 1e, btb, excepting the below.

Demi-humans roll 3d6 in order, switch any two scores one time. Humans roll 4d6dL, arrange as desired. Classes and Races are restricted to the Player's Handbook. You may seek a pre-adventuring career, at no small risk to yourself. Though there are hundreds of races and thousands of classes unlock-able through play.

1d6 Vegas style initiative, instead of btb ADDICT, excepting duels.

Using Skills: The middle road, instead of percentile thief skills or non-weapon proficiencies. Thieves will function as Experts. In all other ways (restrictions, experience, multi-class) they are the same.

Death and Dismemberment at 0hp, instead of traditional death and dying 1e rules. 

If none of this makes any sense to you, don't worry! That's the great thing about AD&D. You don't need to know any of the rules! There's more to discover in play!

House Rules

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